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Dear Colleagues,

Since its formal constitution, during the first SOIE meeting in Monte Carlo, Monaco in 2006, SOIE has almost completed 9 years of existence. Since my last report in October 2013, we have remained very active in organizing courses and symposia as well as presenting special interest symposia (SIS) at international meetings.
In the fall of 2011, a uveitis course and symposium was given in Vilnius, Lithuania. It represented the mainstay of the program of the national congress of the Lithuanian Ophthalmological Society. In 2012, SOIE took part again in the White Nights Congress in St. Petersburg, organizing a half day session on uveitis.

Since the aim of this young society is represented by its willing of improvement, a renewal in its governing body had become necessary to generate a new, strong impulse. We followed the wish of some members of the Executive Committee not to remain in the forefront, although all of them assured us of their will to continue to support the society by integrating the International Advisory Board (IAB).

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